Geekly Holiday Shopping Ideas

Hey there Geekaholics!

As discussed on last episode we were thinking about putting together a list of hot items for gift ideas.

If you have a special Geektoid in your life and don’t know exactly what to get. Take a look at our list and hopefully it helps!

(All images are hyperlinked to where you can view or purchase the product)


2) The HyperX Gaming Headset comes highly recommended by our own AndyHara. The microphone on this headset is so good AndyHara uses it when we record over the interwebs! As of this post it’s on sale for $69.99, that’s 30% off the regular price!


3)  This refrigerator magnet will bring back the feels with its retro inspired Original Game Boy replica. Will fit nicely with any Geek style!

4)  Any RPG fans would love to have this desktop decor to stare at and imagine a deadly encounter of epic proportions!!!!

5) If you can’t think of someone in your life that needs this in their live, then I don’t want to know who you are….. p.s. you could always buy it for us….Just saying…yea

6) Okay stay with me here. 1-Eggs are good, 2-Eggs done quickly are better, 3-Look at number 1….

7) Seriously, Prime is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s perfect for anyone that loves convenience and getting packages…So many packages 🙂


Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

8) Do you have kids? No better way to see if FreeTime is right for your family then by trying out a free month! (Will need an Amazon Kindle or Kindle App on ios)


9) Have a Harry Potter fan in your life who happens to love Funko Pops? Well Funko has you covered with this awesome Harry Potter Advent Calendar!

10) This would be a great gift for any superwoman you know and love

11) Any D&D or Pathfinder players would love to have this mug in their life!

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