Bi-Geekly Update – Episode 8 Edition

Welcome in Geekaholics!

Not too much to go over from this episode….or is there?

Let’s get right to it, Peter received another Error Beer, Andy was right the NES Switch controller was per account not per household.

Error Beer Recap:
Andy: 3
Peter: 4

You may have noticed that the last few weeks we’ve been a bit off schedule. Andyhara was lucky enough to get tickets to a Mighty Mighty Bosstones concert and got himself a signed Dicky shirt!

Look how close he was!imagejpeg_0

Also you may have noticed Andy’s new shirt from Episode 8!

We also announced our new studio on Twitter. The project is coming along and we hope to have it usable by next episode or so…

Stay Tuned for updates and news!

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As always, Thanks for listening and watching.

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