Bi-Geekly Update – Episode 6 Edition

Welcome in Geekaholics

On this past episode we discussed the Zelda Timeline being changed to include Breath of The Wild, In-Game loot boxes being reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission, and Cord Cutting.

If you haven’t checked out the episode yet, you can check it out on YouTube or your favorite podcast listening app!

As promised during Episode 6 here is the Antenna website that allows you to search your address to see what frequencies you might be able to pick up

HD Antenna Coverage Map

Short and sweet this week Geekaholics. No Error Beers to hand out with corrections, however we are now tied 3 up, due to an off-air wager.

As always if you’d like to help out the show, consider following our Amazon Associate link when making your online purchases.

Amazon Associate Link

We’ll see you next time!

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