Bi-Geekly Update Ep. 4 – Excelsior!


Some people will say, “Why read a comic book? It stifles the imagination. If you read a novel you imagine what people are like. If you read a comic, it’s showing you.” The only answer I can give is, “You can read a Shakespeare play, but does that mean you wouldn’t want to see it on the stage? – Stan Lee

The pure joy and happiness one man brought to millions of people with the short amount of time he had on this planet is awe-inspiring.

To think if the world never had Stan Lee, we would be without some of the greatest stories ever told. While yes some of them may have been cliche or even campy, they had a purpose. They made sense out of everyday issues and worldwide crises. They made the small guy the hero. They provided hope in times of darkness. Torment, torture, despair, and doom, all of which were faced and conquered through the imagination of a great story teller.

My first ever experience with a Marvel comic was a beat up copy of Captain America, I couldn’t tell you the issue or even what the story was. However the imagery will forever stay with me. Captain America was facing off with the Red Skull in what appeared to be an epic battle of sorts. Page by page Cap went up against the odds and finally confronted Red Skull, to only be disappointed by his escape. This was a common theme throughout any comic book, but to a 10 or something year old, it was magnificent.

For this Stan Lee, I am forever grateful for your contributions to this world.

For so it has ever been in the universe. Every ending brings forth a new beginning — Each beginning must have its end –” Uatu (Earth-616)


With that said, let’s get back to the corrections section!

Welcome in Geekaholics!

Not too much to discuss this week folks, only a few things to touch on. Also please see our Amazon Associate links below :).

First was the Nintendo 64 Expansion port, our friend Mike from WPCSmash (iTunes Podcast linked) was nice enough to point out that I was right and Andy was wrong :). The only American expansion port is on the top front of the console. As seen below…


However it appears there was an expansion port on the bottom of the N64 console in Japan, but it was cancelled and never made it to the worldwide market. Pictured below…


That’s it for the correction section. Stay tuned for more news and episodes!


We wanted to try something new in the newsletter. Below you’ll find some items that we think are pretty interesting or cool. Some might even make some great gift ideas 😉 We’ll put out a full holiday post in the next week or so.

This is a great deal, especially if you were looking to get into Smart Home merchandise. I listen to all of my podcasts on the echo dot, especially Critical Role, where all you have to say is “Alexa, How do you want to do this?” and the last episode shows up!

Untitled picture

Laugh if you want to about the next item, but I absolutely recommend the Instant Pot. I can make a lot of great meals in the matter of minutes. Last night I made Salsa Chicken tacos in about 13 minutes. The chicken breast alone would have taken 30+ minutes

Untitled picture1

That’s all the items for this week folks! If you’d like to help out the little podcast that could, please check out out Amazon Associate link, here, and make your normal purchases. There’s no extra cost to you and we may receive a small commission that we can put towards the show.

Thanks again and we’ll see you soon!

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