Bi-Geekly Update Ep. 3 Edition

Good Morning Geekies,

We’re back at it again!


Scalebound was announced during Microsoft’s announcement of Xbox One, not Xbox One X announcement. The announcement that Scalebound was cancelled came out around the time of Xbox One X’s release…Sorry for the confusion.

As discussed on the podcast Arcade1Up is releasing additional iterations of the cabinets.

Here’s a look at the 12-in-1 Atari cabinet we discussed. Appears this cabinet will be available at Home Depot and, not solely at Best Buy.

arcade cabs

It was mentioned that 1944 was coming out with a “brawler” game…That game is “Final Fight.” “Ghost N’Goblins” and “Strider” will also be available on this cabinet.


While our conversation was regarding the hiccups with supply/demand, not the experience itself, we scoured the internet and found overall the enjoyment level was positive!

We even noticed that Arcade1Up, on their official twitter page, released a statement prior to the official release regarding some software issues that were known, specifically level 31 in Gauntlet, as well as some faulty paint on the control board.

From their post it appears they have dealt with both, even offering FREE plexiglass covers if you reach out to them directly and request. (Contact Info Below)
Toll Free Service Phone: 1-800-764-2760
Hours: 7:00AM to 7:00PM CST – Monday-Friday

Only time will tell if the cabinets were a major success or a passing fad, caught up in the whirlwind that is nostalgia.

That’s it for this week Geekies!

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