Bi-Geekly Update Ep.1 Edition

Good Morning Geeklings!

Just a few updates since the last show.

Nintendo Switch Online

Appears pre-orders for the NES Classic Controllers are open, and shipments will begin mid-December 2018.


Cross-Platform Gaming

We did it America!!!!

Untitled picture

BREAKING NEWS, well ok breaking about 4 days ago. Reports came out a day after our podcast was published, stating that Sony is going to start playing “Nice” with other platforms.

As of right now Sony has only committed to allowing cross-platform gaming on Fortnite, but did state that they will be monitoring the situation and will consider using Fortnite as a “Beta” to test cross-platform viability.

This is a great step in the right direction and is also encouraging to see a large company listening to their consumers.

However only time will tell if Sony actually has any intention to expand the cross-platform capability or if this was a temporary band-aid to what started as a social black eye.


That’s it for this week Geeklings, Stay Tuned, Much bigger news, may or may not, be breaking soon for upcoming episodes and platforms where you can find us!

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